Cigar Band

Cigar Band


For the Cigar smoker in your life who has everything. This custom 1 of 1 bowtie is available in 3 different shapes.


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A cigar band is a loop made of paper or foil fitted around the body of a cigar to denote its brand or variety. Although origins of the device are the subject of several legends, modern historians credit a European immigrant to Cuba named Gustave Bock with invention of the cigar band in the 1830s. Within two decades, banding of cigars exported from Havana became almost universal. Their use remains very much a part of modern cigar production, with a recent trend towards larger and more elaborate designs in evidence. Cigar bands are considered a collectible by some people today, with collectors organized into a group called the International Label, Seal and Cigar Band Society. The origin of the use of cigar bands is steeped in myth. One legend has it that Russian Tsaritsa Catherine the Great took cigars wrapped in silk so as not to stain her fingers, with members of her court beginning to wrap cigars in fabric bands in emulation of the queen. Similarly, tales have been told of paper bands used on cigars exported to England to prevent the staining of gentlemen’s white gloves.

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Bowtie Protection Plan

You want to always look fashion-forward when you wear your custom bowtie from the Jay Austin Collection. But bowties fray, or you may simply want to upgrade to another bowtie. This is why we created an industry first: the Bowtie Protection Program. It’s easy:

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  • Get a 50% credit of its original price toward a new bowtie from us.
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Protect your personal bowtie collection with this plan. Available for $15 per bowtie at time of purchase.