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Silk Mohair

Silk Mohair


This custom bowtie is available in 5 different shapes.


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Grosgrain is both a direct French loan word and a corruption of and folk adaptation of the French word grogram. Grogram, originally gros gram (appeared in literature in 1562), is defined as a coarse, loosely woven fabric of silk, silk and mohair, or silk and wool. The adjective gros means "relatively very large", hence coarsely big and fat, thence coarse, originally from the Old French gros, itself derived from the Latin grossus. "Grain" is derived from Old French graine, itself derived from the Latin grana (plural of granum) – seed or in some contexts texture This bowtie is perfect for any outfit but it gives your formal attire just the right amount of style.

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Bowtie Shapes

Bowtie Protection Plan

You want to always look fashion-forward when you wear your custom bowtie from the Jay Austin Collection. But bowties fray, or you may simply want to upgrade to another bowtie. This is why we created an industry first: the Bowtie Protection Program. It’s easy:

  • Send your bowtie back to us.
  • Get a 50% credit of its original price toward a new bowtie from us.
  • No questions asked.

Protect your personal bowtie collection with this plan. Available for $15 per bowtie at time of purchase.