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Join THE premier bowtie club.

Jay Austin VIP ClubWhen you join the Jay Austin VIP Club, you instantly become part of an exclusive, fashion-forward group that caters to the discerning bowtie aficionado. And for a limited time only, we’re dropping our regular $365 initiation fee to $285! It’s a deal a true fashion leader can’t think about passing up!

Your VIP Club membership allows you to add 8 absolutely stunning Jay Austin Bowties to your wardrobe that will have people stopping you on the street saying, "Wow, that’s a great looking bowtie!" (Of course we’d love for you to tell them where you bought it from.)

Joining the Jay Austin VIP Club will provide you with access to custom logo designs only available to VIP Club members, including HBCUs, Division 1 schools, company logos, the NFL, the MLB, the NHL, and many more custom printed bowties. Access to the Jay Austin VIP Club also gives the stylish gentlemen top priority access to our high quality silks. Talk about popular: these exclusive silk selections never make it to the public, because our VIP Club members always get to them first!

But your Jay Austin VIP Club membership doesn’t stop there!

We also guarantee our VIP Club members price assurances for future purchases. For example, members who purchase at least 3 bowties in a single order get a price of only $125, regardless of the listed retail price: that includes our popular “Tie to Bowtie” option.

In addition, our Jay Austin VIP Club members have the opportunity to design their own finely-detailed bowtie by sending us hand-selected fabric or allowing us to carefully pick fabric for them.

And believe it or not, there are even more perks connected to your VIP Club membership!

As a member of our premier bowtie club, we also extend a discount to you for sophisticated socks, trendy tailored suits, and chic custom shirts offered by our network partners. Currently, we are offering a complementary 3-month membership into our Bowtie of the Month Club, so you too can tie your outfit together with Jay Austin's bowties. This is a $90 value that we are sure you will enjoy.


So, lets recap what your Jay Austin VIP Club membership includes, but only if you buy now:

  • 80 off the regular VIP Club membership initiation fee.
  • Custom bowtie designs.
  • Exclusive access to high-quality silks.
  • Price assurances for future purchases.
  • Design your own bowtie.
  • 3-month membership into the Bowtie of the Month Club.


There’s never been a better time to join the Jay Austin VIP Bowtie Club, but these savings are for a limited time only. Don’t miss out!

Join now!


Is my initiation fee annual?

No. It is a one-time fee that more than covers the amount of bowties you will select.

Do I have to select all 8 bowties at once?

No you do not have to select them all at once. You can also send us neckties for us to repurpose into bowties as part of your eight selections.

How do I get custom logo bowties?

We have connections with many fabric mills who have be licensed to make custom logo fabrics for private use. As long as we offer them to our club members and not the general public you can get some unique bowties that are sure to make you the envy of your friends.

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