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Jay Austin

Jay Austin, Owner, Jay Austin Collection Bowties

My name is Jay Austin and I am the Bowtie King of Atlanta. From time to time people ask, “What makes you the Bowtie King of Atlanta?” It’s simple: Our core mission is easy to understand.

Great selection, high quality, and second-to-none customer service are what build stellar reputations and loyal fans. So you see, no matter your style there is a Jay Austin Bowtie for you.

Our selections of hand-picked fabrics are where your custom bowtie begins. There are some companies that focus on getting their mass-produced bowties quickly to market. They don’t pay as much attention to what goes inside the bowtie, and for the masses that occasionally wear a bowtie, maybe that’s understandable.


What is your personal style worth to you?

But when your bowtie is your personal mark – your statement to the world – well, there’s no way our company will use low-quality materials for our bowties.

We spare no expense on our interfacing. A Jay Austin Bowtie does not feel like a spaghetti noodle to the touch. The strength and suppleness of good fabric is what makes a great knot. Both those new to the bowtie and seasoned aficionados are above all unique and fun. Blending into the background is not high on their to-do list.

A Jay Austin Bowtie lets your personality shine through no matter the occasion. Weddings, proms, business attire, hipster casual, holiday events, Spring/ Summer Parties, we have something for you.

I once read that travel broadens the mind. In my youth I was privileged to travel the world and experience cultures in Asia, Southern California, and South. Being able to develop my eye for styles and translating that experience into high quality custom bowties is what sets the Jay Austin Bowtie apart.


Custom Branded Bowties

The average person will say “Think outside the box.” But for the bowtie wearer “There is no box and your Jay Austin Bowtie represents your knowledge of that.” We pride ourselves in having a bowtie for every style and taste. Custom branded bowties, tie-to-bowtie conversions, unique fabrics, and more – we’re here for you.

Join our clubs and stay at the forefront

Jay Austin Bowties offers membership in two different bowtie clubs. The VIP Club is the place for those who have over 50 bowties and have outgrown the selections in traditional retail outlets, as well as those new to bowties who want start out with eight new ones to build a foundation for their soon-to-grow personal bowtie collection. This club offers a special log in for access on our website for preferred pricing and access to private-use fabrics not for sale to the public.

Our Jay Austin Bowtie of the Month Club is simply economical and fun. Your monthly subscription gets you a vote on the Bowtie of the Month and an in-season bowtie in your mailbox each month.


Local to National to International

In our hometown of Atlanta we are Appointment Only. We host our clients in the heart of the Atlanta Financial District in prestigious Buckhead, presenting them in-person with over 100 bowties for purchase. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. For customers not local to Atlanta, we ship anywhere and our online store is great.

To stay connected with our sponsors and events, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and visit our lifestyle brand site at www.bowtielife.net.