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Cladium Saw Grass

Cladium Saw Grass





Cladium mariscus subsp. jamaicense , or saw-grass, is common in marshes and savannas throughout the tropical Americas. One typical and well-known area of extensive saw-grass growth is the Florida Everglades; sawgrass is the plant referred to by the descriptor, "River of Grass".This solid color bowtie is eye catching because of its subtle texture. The green color is rich and not flat like other solid color bowties. Made of 100% silk and hand cut it can pair with your executive style. Those who are more analytical will be drawn to this style.

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Additional information

Bowtie Shape

Classic, Jackson, Windsor, Butterfly, Diamond

Bowtie Style

Self-tied, Pre-tied

Collar Size

14 1/2", 15", 15 1/2", 16", 16 1/2", 17", 17 1/2", 18", 18 1/2", 19", 19 1/2", 20"

Bowtie Shapes

Bowtie Protection Plan

You want to always look fashion-forward when you wear your custom bowtie from the Jay Austin Collection. But bowties fray, or you may simply want to upgrade to another bowtie. This is why we created an industry first: the Bowtie Protection Program. It’s easy:

  • Send your bowtie back to us.
  • Get a 50% credit of its original price toward a new bowtie from us.
  • No questions asked.

Protect your personal bowtie collection with this plan. Available for $15 per bowtie at time of purchase.