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Jay Austin VIP ClubAtlanta like many other cities is all about exclusivity—Those who follow the crowd don’t know about, —so it makes sense that members-only clubs like the Jay Austin VIP Bowtie Club is the best-kept secret of the person who wants what they want and not what they can get. You don’t need to be Richie Rich to join our  VIP Bowtie Club get—although you’ll need to be able to afford the $265 one time initiation to join. In recent years, a bunch of affordable groups have popped up, catering to gourmands, artsy types, country-music lovers and others. So are you feeling suave and ready to go? Let's do this!

The Skinny: Founded by LTC James Jackson US Army (Ret). Some people simply wear bowties while others collect them. The average person will wear a bowtie with it being frayed to the gills. No self-respecting gentlemen would dawn one without it being in tip top shape. This means you have to have bowties in reserve.

Good for: People who want limited edition custom bowties as well as not for sale to the public custom branded bowties, set prices and special prices from our partners.

How to get in: Simply sign- up at select your club option to add it to your shopping cart. Your membership comes with 8 bowties that you can select all at once or over time. You will receive a complementary bowtie on your birthday as long as you are a member of the club. 

Now you are in, now what? You will be given access to our VIP page for your bowties and a personal discount code given to VIP members to get their the variable cost of bowties over to the fixed cost part of the ledger. With minimum orders of 3 bowties, your price is set. If you see one you just have to have simply placed it in your shopping cart and use your VIP code for your 30% discount on your purchase.


Recap on Jay Austin VIP Club membership:

  • Custom bowtie designs.
  • Exclusive access to high-quality silks.
  • Price assurances for future purchases.
  • Design your own bowtie.
  • 3-month membership into the Bowtie of the Month Club.
  • Access to the VIP page, an executive dashboard to stay up to date with our content.

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Is my initiation fee annual?

No. It is a one-time fee that more than covers the amount of bowties you will select.

Do I have to select all 8 bowties at once?

No you do not have to select them all at once. You can also send us neckties for us to repurpose into bowties as part of your eight selections. If you're having a hard time picking, check out THIS useful article.

How do I get custom logo bowties?

We have connections with many fabric mills who have be licensed to make custom logo fabrics for private use. As long as we offer them to our club members and not the general public you can get some unique bowties that are sure to make you the envy of your friends.

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